Monday, February 24, 2014


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It was a cranky start to the weekend

Momma went to bed Friday night & woke up Saturday morning on the wrong side of the bed

We had a birthday party for one of Ree's friends Saturday morning. By the time we got home we both were ready for naps. She "rested" by calling to me every 5 minutes asking if it was time to get up. I told her many times (not very nicely many times either) NOT YET.

Finally I went up, got her up, bundled both of us up and we went for a long walk in the neighborhood just the two of us. I thought she would get tired a long time before she did. We walked for at least a half mile so she could show me the "spooky forest" she and daddy found this past Fall. A new trail to walk this spring!

On the way home we skipped & jumped over all the cracks. We came home with rosy cheeks and better moods. It was an early bedtime for her & a movie night with the husband

Sunday we all woke up in better moods. Our regular Sunday routine of Church, coffee, a few errands, visiting family.

Today is back to some crankyness. I think it's the weather (I hope.) In a bit we're off to the post office & grocery store. I hope the crankyness doesn't follow us! 

I need to mail off my craft swap package! It's ready & waiting! So if you haven't gotten one yet, maybe this one is yours!

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  1. Can sympathize with the crankiness--come on Spring, already, right? :)

  2. I think it's weather related too. I found my mood was much improved with some sunshine on my face! It was cranky-Momma over at our house for a while this weekend too.

  3. probably the weather, we were tickled with warm weather only to have it taken away once again. hope you get out again daily for fresh air and fun!!


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