Thursday, February 13, 2014

Make & Listen

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Last weekend was my husband's birthday. Since it was a milestone one I had decided last February that I would throw a party. Then baby V came & the idea of a surprise party went down the drain. So right at the New Year I brought him in on the idea of a party & he said that sounded good as long as it included just immediate family. That was fine with me....I didn't have to go nuts cleaning!

Since we have a mini party planner 4 year old we needed to have a "theme" and decorations. She suggested Rapunzel. I suggested we ask daddy what he'd like. While he thought Rapunzel was a very good idea, he also liked the idea of a lego party.

So we took the idea & ran with it. Except I couldn't find ANY sort of lego decorations in the stores around here. "That's okay Momma, we'll just make them all!" We kept it simple. I made duplo sized lego's out of card stock for her to strew all over the table. And it wouldn't be any party without streamers so we hung up lego colored streamers in the doorways and the dining room.

The cake though, that was my idea. The thing took forever and was a bit of a fiddly pain in the neck. But I was SO PROUD of how it came out. I didn't really want to cut into it!

So there has been a lot of lego making going on here last week. And of course a lego themed birthday meant daddy need a few new lego kits. Of which every spare moment has been spent building for both Ree & him.

Listening has been mostly the Olympics!

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  1. That's a birthday party I bet he will never forget! The cake came out wonderful Jen. I love the idea of just having family - it makes it more intimate that way. Happy Birthday to hubby!

  2. Fun, Jen! I love that cake too--you *should* be proud! And Happy Birthday to your husband! :)

  3. Eeek! That cake is too cool for words! Love it!
    It is awesome you guys made the decorations!
    Thanks for sharing & joinin in!
    Lots of Olympics around here too! ;-)

  4. Looks like a real fun party, and your cake turned out amazing!!

  5. what fun and I love the cake the best!

  6. Well this is just fabulous!!!

  7. Holy Moly! Look at that cake. I have to give you major kudos on that!

  8. looks like a ton of fun! Happy Birthday to your hubby!


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