Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Be Still

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There is nothing like a winter storm or a sleeping baby to make one be still for a length of time.

Both of those things happened around here yesterday. We had the first of three storms hit us. We took the day to hunker down at home doing art, preparing decorations for a lego birthday party this weekend, reading, resting, watching movies. 

As I sat in the chair watching the snow come down, holding a baby who had fallen asleep on me for the third time, I thought about the prompt, be still. There was a time when I didn't want to be still. That I'd be sitting there attempting to knit, or getting anxious that the dishes & laundry weren't done or the house needed to be picked up.

Instead I sat there feeling the weight of my sleeping baby, nuzzling her soft head, and watched a movie with Ree. 

This morning dawned bright and beautiful. I tried to capture the way the sun was hitting the snow but couldn't. It's exceptionally beautiful this morning for some reason.


  1. As I drove to school early early this morning, I noticed the way the pink light of sunrise was reflecting off the ice-coated trees. I feel bad for the trees--such a heavy weight, and two more storms to come--but it *was* pretty.

    Time holding a sleeping baby is time well spent. :-)

  2. so glad you stayed in the moment rather than trying to be productive. being still and in the moment, is a form of productivity in itself, it's when the good ideas bubble to the surface :)

  3. Wasn't yesterdays snow fun? it was unexpected by me at least so I was quite thrilled! Love the being still and in the moment, the older I get the more I try to do that.

  4. It really was a pretty morning wasn't it. I still find it difficult to just "be". Ready for some more snow tomorrow??


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