Thursday, December 19, 2013

Make & Listen

Untitled peppermint bark

My making is listening this week hasn't been too productive. I haven't started V's quilt. I wanted to make both girls new pajama pants for solstice but I haven't started them yet either. That's okay. There's plenty of time this winter for both pjs & quilts!

Ree & I did make peppermint bark & she made cookies with my mom. She's also been going to town with the art supplies. This week she's been making a fort out of paper & adding to it. I'll have to try to take a picture, but each time I grab the camera she says not yet, it's not finished!

As for listening it's been Christmas carols!

What are you making & listening to this week? Head over to Dawn's to see what other's are up to!


  1. Oh that face! She's so proud of herself. We are getting some cookies made this weekend for sure! The rest is of the making is of the fiber variety.

  2. I *love* her outfits, too!
    I just bought fabric tonight for jammie pants for 2/3 of the kids. Guess what I'm doing on Sunday...

  3. She is so cute! I love her happy face :) I haven't made that recipe yet this year. I'm afraid I'd eat it all up.

  4. Looks and sounds like fun making around your parts. The peppermint bark looks yummy. I have been eating way too much of ours!
    I love kid built forts (I have had to ration cardboard boxes after the move - knowing full well we would move again!)
    Thanks for joining in this week!


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