Sunday, December 15, 2013


My view right now

This picture sums up our Sunday!

After a busy day Saturday, the morning spent cleaning...nothing like having company to get the house cleaned up. Although I kind of like the clean surfaces & floors! Visiting with our company; then Ree & I decided to make peppermint bark after they left. 

As dark fell the snow began to come down. When we woke up this morning it was a messy, yucky, rainy snow. While Ree & Daddy went to  Church and a stop at the grocery store, Baby V and I stayed home to do the dishes, have a snack, and nap for her while I knit a little bit.

This afternoon was cuddling with Ree & Baby V; a bit of knitting and watching football. All while eating too much peppermint bark and pizza for supper!

On the list for the upcoming week is finish wrapping for Christmas and getting started on Baby V's quilt!

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  1. Oh sounds like a positively perfect afternoon.
    Hope the rest of the week falls into a similar pattern.

  2. We have five inches! Love that you were able to stay home and rest and let the others do some errand running. love the yarn in your photo, if it is trekking xxl I've knit that colorway :)

  3. Aren't clean surfaces awesome? I rarely have them though...
    We have basically nothing left but ice! But I hear there's more to come tomorrow. Ugh....

  4. great weekend. i shall be making peppermint bark this week. and probably over eating it. LOL

  5. Sounds really lovely, friend! I love your tree...

  6. sounds like the most perfect weekend! any day that includes snuggling a new baby is a GOOD day :)


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