Tuesday, December 10, 2013

should | shouldn't


Writing along with the December Prompt A Day

I should
~have more coffee
~clean out some stuff before Christmas
~write more lists
~get outside more often
~see the beauty in everyone
~be more present in each moment
~be silly 
~read more poetry out-loud to Ree
~yell less, listen more
~see the Christmas season through Ree's eyes...it's more magical then through adult eyes

I shouldn't
~worry what people think
~be so quick to judge
~speak before I think
~worry about things so much...they always work themselves out

P.S. does anyone want to join me in Heather's new e-course, Hibernate? It looks fantastic! She has a special going on until the end of the week, bring a friend. We could sign up together & split the cost!
I signed up with Donna! But check out the Hibernate page...it looks like a fantastic way to start out the New Year!


  1. Your shouldn'ts are mine, I think we might be related :) Loved seeing what you are thinking and you are right things sort themselves out eventually.

  2. Such a great list Jen. A big YES to being silly, and really - who cares what other people think?

  3. Very good lists! I need to make one like this! A great way to refresh our intentions, and regroup!


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