Wednesday, December 11, 2013


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I looked up the definition of illuminate this morning. Not because I don't know what it means, just because I was interested in seeing the official meaning.

1. To provide or brighten with light.
2. To decorate or hang with lights.
3. To make understandable; clarify: 
4. To enlighten intellectually or spiritually; enable to understand.
5. To endow with fame or splendor; celebrate.
6. To adorn with ornamental designs, miniatures, or lettering in brilliant colors or precious metals.

We've certainly been illuminating things around here lately! 

Even the weather has decorated the outside world for the season. With a new baby I've been seeing the sunrise every day now. I enjoy watching the sun come up over the horizon as I feed her. It slowly makes it's way across the living room until it reaches her newborn head. In those moments of quiet, as I gaze on her new little person as she gulps her milk like there won't be anymore in a few hours, I am in awe of what I helped bring into the world. Just over 9 months ago she didn't exist. And then I grew her,  nourished her, protected her. And now she is here. A whole little person whose personality is slowly emerging. She is such a sweet, mellow, patient baby so far. We are so blessed that she came to join our family. 

For the past three weeks she has been the definition of illuminate in our house. She most certainly has been a light of joy to all of us.

Since it's Wednesday & yarn along day I thought I'd put up a picture of what I'm knitting. It's not much as right now I'd much rather be snuggling the new little one or doing things with Ree. But I did begin a new pair of socks. These are for my sister who asked for a pair the day baby came. I can't guarantee when she'll get them but at least I've cast on so when I get a spare moment here and there I can knit a row or two! 

You'll notice the knitting it out of focus but the baby isn't. I was going to re-take the picture but I thought it was fitting!

Again I'm following along with the December Prompts!


  1. I am so happy that you are happy and all is well. It's a great time of year to have a baby and stay hibernated inside while you all get to know each other. I remember that you planned for this and had most of the shopping and knitting done, now you are reaping the hard work!! Love the baby in focus :)

  2. Perfect picture! The socks will always be there, but that baby is going to grow real fast. I'm glad that you are all enjoying her so much and simply just "being".

  3. yes, that picture of the knitting rather says it all and i think your priorities are in the right place :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I love the knitting shot, and the moments you describe with that sweet baby.

  5. Beautiful photos and reflection! <3

  6. Oh yes, having had my first baby at this time of year, I remember that hibernation well. I don't remember the sunrises as much as I remember the pure darkness outside the living room windows as I danced my colicky boy around all night long. Even at the time I knew enough to treasure each sleepless moment, breathing in that sweet baby head. And he's grown into a sweet, sweet boy, too.


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