Sunday, December 16, 2012



There are no words to describe this weekend. 

It was spent quietly, mainly at home. 

We held Ree often. Gave her as much cuddles as possible. Kept the tv off for most of the time. All the time when she was awake. We read Christmas books and colored. All 3 year old stuff. So thankful for the gift of her. So saddened that it takes a horrific event like the one that took place Friday in Connecticut to make one realize how very, very blessed we are as parents.

Praying, crying, praying some more. So very thankful that my baby is here with me, safe and sound. My heart aches for the parents whose babies were stolen from them in such a horrible way. That they can no longer hold their children, play with them, kiss them, watch them grow up. 

There are no words right now. Just heartache. And sending so much love to the town of Newtown. 


  1. I totally know what you mean...we are all hurting for Newtown. Hold your baby tight...I am holding my children and grandchildren close in thought and prayer. Your Christmas tree is just beautiful! Have a peaceful week.

  2. A quiet weekend is the perfect weekend after Friday's events.

  3. i think we all had a quiet, family centered weekend. so many hearts grieving and aching over the events of last week.

  4. I know...we did the same thing here. I can't imagine not having my sweet baby girl after a day of school. What is this world coming to?

  5. I love how the Blessed Mother is looking over your tree. May she watch over all of us and bring comfort to the families in Newtown.


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