Monday, December 10, 2012


Sunday morning

Rainy ride home

This weekend was a mix of slow and fast.

Saturday was a gray day. I did some Christmas wrapping; a little cleaning; a little knitting; quite a bit of list making. A headache in the afternoon prompted me to take a rest on the couch with the Christmas Tree on. Since it was very gray out by then it was very relaxing! After supper we made Ree a felt Christmas Tree with felt ornaments. Pictures to come soon!

Sunday was hectic in a good Christmasy sort of way. 
Mass & a quick grocery store run. Home for a bit to get lunch and then meet my dad & sister to go Christmas shopping for my mom.
The stores were busy but we had a great time & I think my mom will be very pleased on Christmas morning!
Afterwards we went to my sister-in-laws for a pre-Christmas get together.
On the way home it was raining so more Christmas lights and cuddles on the couch to unwind for a bit before bed. 
All this birthday/Christmas excitement has been getting a bit overwhelming for Ree.
I think this week we'll focus on picture books & doing her crafts/art. Staying home as much as we can and sticking to her normal rhythm!

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  1. I'm hoping to get to the wrapping this weekend. So much to do at this time of year. I like to be done early so I can, like you said, stay HOME and enjoy.

  2. i find that alot of resting and relaxing during this time of years is so important, it can just be so overwhelming. so much to do, to see, and everywhere everything is just all decorated and full of activity. a think a few days of books,and chilling is totally the best thing. :)

  3. It's so hard to have a routine in December. I've never worried about it before, but we are going to try to stay sane and normal here too.

  4. yes to home and rhythms!

  5. All the holiday activities get to me too and then I know it's time to hibernate. I am not a crowd person to begin with, then you throw in having to shop, going here and there and I slowly start to shrivel. Vegging on the couch with the Christmas tree lights on sound perfect to me.

  6. Except for the headache, it sounds like a great weekend! I bet Ree gets overwhelmed with all the chaos.

  7. Those cozy times on the couch with your Christmas lights on sound so wonderful. We are still sunny and fairly warm (for Arizona in December). Would love a little rain at least. Crafts with the kids is a great way to experience Christmas without all the shopping and running around. My daughter told me she made apple sauce/cinnamon ornaments with her kids. She said they turned out great and make the tree and whole room smell wonderful. She found recipe/directions on pinterest. Enjoy your week!


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