Monday, December 3, 2012


This weekend was all about birthday for my Tinkerbell loving little girl!

Saturday was sewing decorations and favor bags. Baking a cake. Cleaning. And watching the snow flurries with one very excited Ree!

Sunday dawned early and the question of "Is it time for my birthday party yet?" was heard hundreds of times! She helped hang up streamers & ran around the house in her new dress. Finally late in the afternoon her guests started to arrive. We had pizza & Tinkerbell balloons and all her favorite people in the world were here with the exception of two. Her little cousin had the stomach bug and needed to stay at home with her daddy.

I am thankful for today. A day of rest before the actual birthday tomorrow! She has grand plans for us!


  1. happy happy birthday to your sweet ree! and of course happy birthing to you mama :)

  2. Great banner! We've got to get through Christmas before we can think about a second birthday. But it'll be here before we know it. Happy Birthday to Ree!

  3. And now she is three! Happy birthday to your wee girl Jen and how exciting to have snow on her party day, the perfect topping!

  4. Happy Birth Day to you both! My oldest turned 11 this past weekend. :)

  5. happy birthday to your sweet loving little girl!!!


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