Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yarn Along

I almost forgot today was Wednesday & yarn along day! I'm all messed up on my days this week!

I showed you my finished knits yesterday. Today I finished the owl hat. It was supposed to be for Ree but came out way too small. It'll go in my gift drawer. I also cast on the other night for a hat in bulky yarn. I wanted something that I didn't have to think about but my hands wanted to be busy. As I was beginning it I got the 3rd degree from Ree. "You know, I need pink mittens. And a pink scarf. How come that hat is green? I like pink."

I've also been reading just before bed. I'm in the middle (or near the end now) of Porch Lights. I'm really enjoying it.


  1. Oh dear dear Ree, your mama will knit you all of those pink things very soon :D Lovely hat and it's a shame it came out too small.

  2. Love the owl hat - it is adorable!!


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