Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finished knits

In the past few weeks I've finished a couple pairs of socks. And Ree's pink hat. 

I named the socks my Spring Socks and my Fall Socks. The colors remind me of the seasons. I was able to wear my Fall socks to Thanksgiving so that made me very happy! I've decided though that if I want to keep making socks with beautiful patterns I need to get some non-verigated yarns in order to show off those patterns. Doing all that work to just barely see the pattern defeats the purpose for me! So oh darn, I need to go buy more yarn! 

Ree's pink hat is VERY pink! She loves it and wouldn't take it off the night I finished it. Since then I've taken it and hidden it as I think it's going to be a Winter Solstice gift along with matching mittens and a pink scarf. Of which I haven't begun to knit!

Tomorrow for Ginny's yarn along I'll show you my current work in progress. After that is finished I have plans to sew some things & embroider a little bit. Especially a few things that are needed this weekend!


  1. All the knits look great! I love her hat and the way it fits and there is something about a really pink hat isn't there!! Love saturated colors :)

  2. Love your socks - blue ones are my favorites.

  3. I agree, it is hard to see the pattern on the socks. I'm impressed you've made them already. I've yet to finish the second sock, but I think it is the pattern, I'm not interested in it. Ree's hat is so cute!


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