Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekending Holiday Style!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It seems I took a little holiday from blogging last week too! 

Our holiday weekend started with Ree decorating cookies with her little friend & making a "pumpkin pie man" at her cousins library for story time.

Thanksgiving dawned bright & early with a trip to Church; watching some of the parade; preparing a few side dishes for dinner and then heading to my parents for the big feast. Ree placed a little bit of almost everything on her plate. Then didn't have a bite of any it! 

The rest of us ate enough for her though. After dinner we all entered into a little food coma. Ree took a nap while the rest of us relaxed. She got up and helped my sister work on a puzzle. After some more pie we headed home.

Friday Ree & I decorated the house for Christmas. The tree will go up after December 4th....her 3rd birthday!

Yesterday I took a trip to Joann Fabric....WOW what a crowd! Then we did a little small business shopping. We went back to my parents for dinner for left overs. 

Today is a regular Sunday. Church, coffee, cleaning up a bit. Heading off to visit the other side of the family later on. The week ahead is one full of birthday preparations as Ree's birthday party is next Sunday!

More regular blogging will take place this week. I have LOTS of knitting to show; that happened all weekend too but deserves it's own post (or two!).

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  1. Ree is getting so big! Is she excited about her birthday? My babies always loved to have little parties and turn a year older.
    I am excited to see all the knitting you have been doing, it's such a great way to spend one's time.

  2. I went to JoAnn yesterday as well. I think I was there early enough to miss a lot of the crowd, but the manager at the cutting table said FR was crazy busy. I'm glad I missed that. I went back today because I had an awesome coupon to use on some quilting supplies, but they went on sale today so I couldn't use it. Oh well. Can't wait to see what you're knitting!

  3. Can't wait to see the knitting! Glad you are back and had a good rest (like me!) Funny we were at a jo ann's and the crowd was minimal but then it was 9 a.m.!!

  4. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Can't wait to see the knitting!


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