Monday, November 19, 2012


Our weekend was very full & productive!

Saturday Ree & her Daddy spent ALL DAY outside raking and mowing the lawn (him) and digging holes and picking up rocks (her).

I spent the time in the house doing laundry & cleaning. Then I went off for a few hours to the library and to do Christmas shopping.

Sunday morning found Ree sleeping so I sat in the sun streaming in the window knitting while my husband sat planning next years garden (!!!) and how he's going to make Ree's birthday easel (as I keep reminding him nicely that's only 2 weeks away!)

After that we went to Church; did a little more Christmas shopping (almost done!) came home to relax for a bit then headed to my sister-in-law's house for dinner and watching football. We saw the most beautiful sunset on our way there. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera and my phone wasn't capturing it the way I wanted to.

This week is all about Thanksgiving! And planning a 3 year old birthday party! Very exciting times ahead!


  1. How fun to plan a 3 year old's birthday party!
    An easel will make a perfect gift.
    My husband has been planning our garden too. Since we are on the coast we have to have our green peas in the ground by January, spinach in February and so on, so really there is always something to do. To be honest, sometimes I would just like a break. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness - how can you almost be done with Christmas shopping! I'm jealous:-)

  3. I cannot believe you are almost done with Christmas shopping! I have yet to start for my two kids or husband. Everyone else is done :) Yay to a three year old!!!

  4. I haven't even thought of Christmas yet!!

    Sounds like a lovely weekend.
    Have fun planning the party.


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