Thursday, November 1, 2012


We had such a fun Halloween! We like to celebrate ANYTHING in my family so we make everything a party!

It started on Saturday with trick or treating at the zoo with cousins then a family Halloween dinner/party and continued yesterday.

Ree woke up telling me it was Halloween and she needed to dress like Tinkerbell! Then she asked if I had made her fairy dust yet so she could fly. I'm still working on that!

But I did finish her costume! She and I are both so pleased with it!

All I did was make a shirt then a simple skirt. I cut out "leaves" and it was done! Except the darn fabric was so slippery it took me forever to finish it. And I pinking sheared the edges around the neckline and the leaves. But the fabric still frays. This isn't a costume that will last forever. But it came out awesome & did the trick!

Ree had a BLAST trick or treating last night around our neighborhood. But the best part to my husband and I was when she was handing out the candy at home. She would stand at the front door and knock yelling "COME TO MY HOUSE TO GET CANDY!" And every child that came got greeted with a candy bar and "Hi. What's your name? Do you want to come in? Do you want a drink? Do you want to play with my toys?"

A very good hostess!
needle and thREAD


  1. Adorable, both photos and Ree's wonderful welcome to trick-or-treaters!

  2. Ree's costume is awesome! She looks adorable. We loved taking Nicole to the zoo for trick or treating. It was always so crowded but she had such a good time.

  3. That is the perfect costume for you little girl who is looking bigger and bigger each day! Love the wings, she could take flight!!

  4. Very sweet costume! Yes, that fabric frays if you look at it sideways, doesn't it? But it looks fabulous all done and on her!


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