Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Catch up summer postcard

Quiet Saturday morning. Husband is off bright & early for an oil change for his car. I am enjoying the birds singing with my coffee & book while the girls sleep. In a little while time to get ready for a birthday party for a little friend of ours! Busy Sa

There was a break in the postcard posting here last week due to dance camp. We had to be up & 30 minutes away by 8:50 each morning. That cut into blogging time & reading everyone else's blogs too!

And the past few days have been catch up around the house time. (And on sleep time). 

Today begins the first day of a long stretch of crazy hot weather. The hottest of the year so far they are saying. I think we will make a run to Target in a bit to find a small kiddie pool, set that & the water table up & spend time out in the shade in the water in the mornings & then upstairs in the air conditioning for nap/quiet time afternoons!

I had wanted to have a yarn along post today but there hasn't been any knitting for over a week. I have what I think might be carpal tunnel in my hand. It's caused by my twisting it funny opening a cupboard (of all things!) about a week ago and it hurts like crazy when I do much of anything....knitting included. I've been trying to rest it (and really I think I need to put the phone down more often because it's after scrolling through Instagram that I notice a big jump in pain).

I have been reading & finished that book up there in just a few days. It was SO good. I haven't read any historical fiction in so long and this book has re-ignited my love for that genre. I must find more!

So that's a quick catch-up of life here these days! I'm hoping to catch up with everyone's blogs today!


  1. It's still hot and humid here, and I am so over it, I am ready for winter.

    I have carpel tunnel in my left hand [and I am left handed], when it gets really
    bad I wear a brace at night, and sometimes during the day. Check Target when you are there for the pool, they should carry braces, it really does help.

  2. Don’t those week long camps suck up all.the.time?! We had Totus Tuus last week and I was exhausted.
    Water table and kiddie pool sounds great though. Enjoy!

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend the hot days of summer. Today it the hottest day we have had in three years, I think they said. It is HOT! But it feels good, and I want to remember this heat in January when I am freezing :)

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and that you stay cool in the heat.

  4. I hope your wrist heals quickly so you can resume knitting :) It's hot and humid here and I'm ignoring it completely.


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