Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Post cards from Summer

{My intention for this summer is relaxed & slow & intentional: to take more pictures with the big camera; to be outside as much as possible; for my girls to have as many fond memories of summer; and to capture some of that here.
So postcards it will be. A picture or two of our day, with a few words written. Just like an old fashioned postcard!}

Sock knitting while my people plant some flowers. A perfect summer evening 92/100 #the100dayproject #my100daysofeverydaymoments #7daysoflistening 4/7 8:15pm I step outside to empty the trash and notice how quiet it is, how peaceful. I close my eyes to offer up a prayer & open them a few seconds later to the sky on fire with orange. Be still. Be in awe. Be aware that you were creat

Yesterday was warm, not too humid. There was a trip to the library & then a picnic lunch in the backyard. A nice rest time and then after supper more time outside to run, knit, help daddy plant some flowers and enjoy the evening sun. After baths we all ran back outside to watch the sunset. The sky was on fire with brilliant orange! There was the night time read aloud out on the back deck too. 

And in regards to the teepee from yesterdays post: no we didn't make it and it isn't in our yard either although we all would love it to be! It's at the day lily nursery we went to on Sunday! Both girls loved it! (So did the momma & daddy!)


  1. I can not wait for picnic weather, but sadly it is still months off for me.
    Great sky!
    I still think that is a cool teepee and I think I can make one, at least I'm going to try.

  2. did you make your quilt? lovely! I love sitting outside and enjoying the sights and sounds of the summer. The cicadas just started !!


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