Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Postcards from summer

{My intention for this summer is relaxed & slow & intentional: to take more pictures with the big camera; to be outside as much as possible; for my girls to have as many fond memories of summer; and to capture some of that here.
So postcards it will be. A picture or two of our day, with a few words written. Just like an old fashioned postcard!}

It's hot so we've set up camp outside. We'll be chasing the shade today! After supper dance party in the backyard. I love the golden light of this time of day. 99/100 #the100dayproject #my100daysofeverydaymoments

Yesterday was recovery day from the weekend.

It was also the hottest day of the summer so far, so we spent the morning outside with the water table. Playing, running, resting on the blanket, having a picnic lunch. When the sun moved and there was no shade we retreated into the house for naps & reading in the air conditioned upstairs. 

After supper it was cooler outside so we sat on the deck and watched two little girls give a dance recital in the golden summer evening sun. 

This is what summer is made of.


  1. It was hot yesterday wasn't it? Glad to hear you were able to stay cool. We love summer evenings outside, and last night was a perfect one. Glad you enjoyed it too!

  2. I am so over this hot summer and can't wait for winter.
    Your girls are getting so big and it's wonderful to hear they are enjoy life.

  3. It is hot out isn't it!! I don't like it but each day we are one step closer to fall :) Love the dancing photo :)

  4. It’s been incredibly hot over by us this month also, but we finally got a break of cool morning temps and now we pray for rain.
    Love your summer postcards. Such a great idea!


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