Monday, February 23, 2015

A new day

Journaling as the sun comes over the horizon. It made my pages glow this morning.

I sit in the early morning quiet
in the dark, the shadows of the trees---
do I see them? Or simply know they are there?
I look up from the page and suddenly
in only seconds
the sun is there.
A great ball of brightness
soft golden light streaming in
illuminating the journal page
the beams hit softly, enlightening the words.
I watch as the world welcomes the dawn.
What was sleeping moments ago
now is wide awake, greeting this new day
The sun beams waste no time---
green leaves in shadows now glow
the spider's web invisible moments ago,
becomes a stringed instrument the light plays upon
Grass of green has a blanket of yellow leaves
that appear to give off golden heat
In the bath of sun beams I can hear the world exclaim:
a new day
a fresh day
a day of renewal.
This is the suns promise:
today is a new day
Burst forth upon the world
bring your beauty, your talent
and shine along with me
Make the world glow
Enter into this new day,
this new day full of promise and possibility
Awaken now.
Step forth and shine.

This was written as part of Corinne's Writing Naturally course last October. I am planning on sharing a few pieces from that time this week! 


  1. you captured my mornings beautifully :)

  2. "burst forth upon the world
    bring your beauty"
    love that!

  3. wonderful, look forward to reading more!


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