Sunday, March 15, 2015


We went outside for almost an hour. The bright blue sky, brilliant sunshine, the amazing fresh air helped us all. The 1 year old spent her time slowly walking around & playing the dirt; the 5 year shoveled snow and looked for fairy messages. I watched the

This weekend has been full of rain and gray. The picture above was taken Friday afternoon when the girls and I got outside for awhile. It was wonderful!

Yesterday morning they were talking about it being a rainy day so I went out to do some grocery shopping and spend some quiet alone time at Church. By the time I got home it was raining.

So there was lunch & picking up the house before rest time.

The baby napped in her bed
The husband napped on the couch
Marie-Therese and I rested up in my bed. She watched some shows on the iPad and I began a new book.

After a few hours I came downstairs to bake a squash pie in honor of pi day and make calzones for supper.

There was supper and pie and books and bath and bed.

Momma is sick and tired of this gray weather. It's starting to affect my mood pretty badly. I have tried to not let it, and snap out of it....but it's not so easy some days! My poor people. Here's hoping spring arrives very soon so we can spend lots of time outside soaking up sunshine!

Today was Church and then home for lunch and rest again. I finished the book from yesterday, knit a little bit and did a little pick up around the house. Oh I also made a chocolate cream pie to bring to my sister-in-laws tonight. Still celebrating pi day!

Linking up for the first time in a few months with Karen!


  1. I think I'll join you in the tiredness of a gray day. However soon the sunshine will return and then the heat! So glad you are joining up, you were missed.

  2. I hope the rain moves on and sunshine soon fills your days. I too find endless days of grey affecting my mood and it's not fun.
    Enjoy your pie!

  3. I enjoy my alone time at church. I don't do it nearly as often as I used to though. This weather has been tough on everyone - let's hope sunny days are ahead. Have a wonderful week Jen.

  4. I'll trade you some rather summer like weather for a bit of cool weather! Definitely not ready for summer yet!

  5. I didn't get any pie on Pi Day this year, and it was a super cool, significant one! Darn it!

  6. I didn't get any pie on Pi Day this year, and it was a super cool, significant one! Darn it!


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