Monday, April 6, 2015


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This weekend was all about getting ready for and celebrating Easter.

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt at my mom's Church Saturday where Veronica not only guessed the correct amount of jelly beans in the water bottle but also won this stuffed frog that is bigger than she is....she loves it!

Then there was bagels & donuts at my moms, home to finish cleaning & setting up for Easter dinner, pizza for supper & an early bedtime for the girls (although one of them couldn't go to sleep thinking about the Easter bunny coming)

Easter morning dawned bright and early. Another egg hung at home, goodies in baskets, attending the joy filled Easter Mass, home to finish putting food together, then everyone arrived to enjoy food and each others company.

It was a fast paced weekend full of moments of peace and joy. Just the kind of weekend I love!

Joining Karen for Weekending 

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  1. love the stuffie that is larger than life. What a lucky girl to guess correctly--my son has that kind of luck, he should play the lottery :)


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