Monday, March 3, 2014


Double yolk

This weekend was spent thinking, a lot. 

There was also time with family. A Friday night wedding and then a bachelorette party. (For two different people!)

A relaxing Saturday morning. An afternoon & evening spent with my parents

Our Sunday morning usual. Then a "quick" (haha) trip to the mall

A Sunday afternoon nap for Ree & Momma while baby & Daddy kept each other company

A quick dinner of ham & eggs. I cracked that egg to find a double yolk. I was so excited I called everyone to the kitchen while taking pictures. Then I felt silly about being so excited but most of all that I took a picture. 

My husband told me that every time I feel silly for taking pictures (like of my coffee. Or my food. Or my yarn. Or the hundredth picture out of the living room window) that it shows I'm passionate about life. And noticing the small details. And that's a good thing. And I've never thought of it that way before. 

After supper we headed back out for an ice cream social at Church. An early bedtime for the girls and I spent the rest of the night reading. And contemplating Lenten plans and specifically Lenten plans and the computer. And contemplating food. And contemplating life. And my husbands words. And many more things that belong in the pages of my journal and not here for the eyes of the world to see.

Lots of thoughts. And lots of gratitude for the poetry ideas and suggestions from my last post. I truly appreciate it! Feel free to keep them coming and I promise I will continue to share my progress on that little project of mine! 


  1. I take pictures of double yokes too :)

  2. I often feel silly about some of the pictures I take but when I look back I'm happy I did take them. Your husband is very wise!

  3. Don't feel silly, one day you will be old and your memory will dim, the photos are a connection of your past to your future self. I wish I had more photos!!

  4. I think you have one smart husband Jen. I love seeing all your photos, keep on! Double yolker's are very photo worthy.


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