Sunday, March 9, 2014


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Sun! Warmth!! Grass!!!

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. I opened all the windows to get the stale air out and welcome in the fresh, spring is coming air.

There was still lots of reading on my part. Some art making (come back here tomorrow for an Art Together giveaway!)

Playing with the baby. Getting outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather. A nap for all. Baths. The usual family things that take place during the weekend. Today is more the same. Except down an hour with the time change. But I have to say I am loving that the light is returning! Here's hoping my energy level goes up and creativity gets a kick in the rear! So many projects I want to work on in the coming weeks. And yet so many books calling me to curl up on the couch with my tea, a blanket, the baby & Ree!! 

How was your weekend?


  1. I am a little jealous that you have grass, we are still under a very thick blanket of the white stuff. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Hope you enjoy your day today.

  2. we have been outside more this weekend and I resumed daily walking. But boy was it cold yesterday compared to the sunlight!

  3. outside is good! it's always good to feel those creative batteries recharging :)


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