Monday, October 6, 2014


The color of October Late afternoon Autumn golden glow. Knitting, football, time outside. Aside from the little girl with a drippy nose it's been a good Sunday

Saturday was the epitome of rainy October: damp, gray & periods of rain

it called for lingering in pajamas and watching "just one more show"; a late morning run to Dunkin Donuts & since we were already out in the rain, a stop at Target

when daddy got home from work it was time for a nap for baby & Ree & Daddy time building towers out of used yogurt cups

and a few errands for Momma, with a stop at church & the library

then it was a family trip to the big box craft store where we all lingered in the art supply aisle. Nothing came home with us, but we added quite a bit to Ree's birthday & Christmas lists!

Saturday night was family movie night that was cut short by a stuffy, cranky little 4 year old who needed bed

Sunday dawned early and bright. The epitome of beautiful October: golden sun, crisp air.

There was Mass, another Dunkin Donuts coffee run, the decision to let go of all Sunday afternoon out-of-the-house plans due to a stuffy, cranky little 4 year old.

Daddy worked out in the yard, little girls napped/rested, Momma knit & read & puttered around picking things up here and there. 

All in all it was a pretty nice first weekend of October!

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  1. oh my goodness.....the color of those trees (maples?) in that first photo!!!! I think a rainy days brings out the most brilliant colors...and you obviously had a wonderful start to October in the color department anyway! Enjoy!!!!

  2. Wow, that first pic is stunning. It was rainy and chilly here all weekend, although it did let up a little bit on Sunday morning, and I managed to get out in the garden.

    Have a great start to your week.

  3. Where did you find those beautiful trees? The trees are just starting to turn a bit here. Funny how things look different from 30 minutes away! I'm glad you had a nice weekend. I hope the 4 year old is feeling better! Poor little Ree....

  4. well well well, look at your october! Lovely :) I have a craving for dunkin donuts for some strange reason :) I was in a rainy afternoon on Saturday as well while we were in Ontario, didn't bother me one single bit!!

  5. You have quite a beautiful October unfolding, wow to those trees.
    It was cool here this weekend, but the sun has been crystal blue and clear. I need to be out doing yard work, but am trying to be good and sitting still, argh!
    I do hope Miss Ree is feeling better and smiling today.

  6. I love the photo of the leaves! Thank you for sharing it.

    Lisa Hassan Scott xo


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