Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yarn Along

IMG_2382 IMG_2418

I was a busy knitter this weekend!

I have begun my Christmas sock knitting. These are the Monkey pattern. Which is easy & I love but for some reason if I work on them for too long I get a pain in my thumb/wrist. So I can only do one pattern repeat a day (or so. I cheated yesterday and did two in order to finish the leg. I am paying the price this morning). 

This weekend I finished Legwarmies for my little ballerina. They are too big. I need to take them in a little bit so they don't keep falling down!

I finished two books in the past few days. The Book Thief which I loved & couldn't put down. Made me think about the Holocaust in a different way...through the eyes of the Germans who didn't believe in the extermination of the Jews. 

And just this morning I finished One Thousand Gifts. This one took me months. So full of little gems that I couldn't read more then a page or two without having to put it down to think/journal my thoughts.

What have you been knitting & reading lately?


  1. oh that yarn color is scrumptdilious....spelled horribly wrong but you know what I mean :) Love that purple!! and love the monkey pattern :)

  2. You're making such amazing progress on all fronts!

  3. Great knits. Your books intrigued me :)

  4. Monkey socks are so fun! I love them in purple. Watch those hands Jen. I am having the same problem. Those leg warmers are going to be precious!


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