Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gratitude week::Day 2

IMG_2748 IMG_2750 End of the day gratitudes:: morning walks; collecting leaves; leaf creations; messy table; soup simmering; apple pie baking; writing with my girl while the baby plays at our feet #gratitudeweek_2014

::beautiful weather for a fall walk
::crunching leaves with my girl
::fresh air that helps any mood--good or bad
::messy, creative tables
::writing down gratitudes
::apple pie baking
::soup simmering
::tea steaming

some gratitudes from yesterday to join with michelle for gratitude week


  1. i just love all these beautifully simple things you've listed...

  2. Hi Jen, Lovely photos, your girl is a princess. I love red leaves too!

  3. The act of writing and sharing our gratitude is a ritual I have come to love, and it is amazing just how it can change my day. Beautiful list.

  4. your list could easily be my list this week.

  5. Writing down gratitudes... mmm so beautiful!!
    Thank you for your post!


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