Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yarn Along

Today's intention: speak kinder, read more, listen well, enter into each moment with presence. Be in the here and now. See what is right in front of me.   #hellomorningcoffee That time when I finished a pair of socks and realized the yarn would probably make a better shawl then socks....

I had meant to have this post up this morning. But instead I took part in a writing sprint with the  small NaNoWriMo group I am a part of. 
I am pleased to say that 5 days into NaNo and I am doing pretty well! If nothing else, this will help cement my writing practice.

There has also been some knitting. A husband and baby who both have colds make for some quiet times around here. When knitting can get done. Along with some reading! (please don't ask me how the laundry, dishes or cleaning is going. Suffice it to say there is clean clothes....just not always folded. There are clean dishes....just not always put away from the dish dryer. The cleaning....well the house isn't filthy but there may be extra toys strewn around the house at bedtime!)

This morning I finished my Purple Monkey Socks. I love this pattern. After binding off I was struck that this yarn probably would have been better suited for a shawl. If they weren't a Christmas gift, and if there was more time until Christmas, and if I didn't have to knit two more pairs of socks for Christmas, I may have frogged them. But time you know.

I finished The Alchemist last night and LOVED. IT. I must buy a copy for myself. I haven't said that about a book in a long time. This is one of those that needs to be read once, if not twice a year. Like at the New Year. And maybe again in the summer. 


  1. Hello there! Glad to hear your writing it going well.

    I love those socks, the pattern is just lovely. Happy to see you in your space. xo

  2. What great socks, Jen! I love the pattern!

  3. and now I need to read another book :) Your enthusiasm is infectious, but thankfully not the cold that is in your house ha ha. I love the socks!! I feel much better thanks for the prayers, they were needed and the worked :) BTW I did get my copy of magnificant (sp??)and subscribed, you were right I would love it.

  4. I love those purple monkeys! Same over at my house - things may be clean, but not necessarily where they belong.


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