Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

On the eve before New Year's Eve Ree & I both were feeling a little out of sorts so at almost sunset I decided we needed to get out of the house for a bit.

The walk gave me just what I needed: a word. I've been seeing people on their blogs coming up with a "word" that will describe 2012 for them. 

As Ree & I walked around our front yard she kept pointing out small things to me, things I wouldn't normally see for myself. She started pointing them out & saying "picture, picture". 

She spent a crazy amount of time with those specks on the rock in the bottom picture. Another HUGE amount of time standing looking at the small speck of moon saying over & over "ohhhh. Wow. Look Momma"

And while we were walking I remembered reading a word on a blog just after Christmas (I'm sorry I can't remember where). And I've decided to adopt it.

Linger, v.
a) to be slow in leaving, especially out of reluctance
b) to proceed slowly; saunter
c) to pass (a period of time) in a leisurely or aimless manner

I want to learn the lesson from my daughter, to spend more of our moments together in a leisurely manner so as to be able to take it all in, even the small little specks on rocks. To be more present in the moment with her and learn all over again how truly wonderful the little stuff that makes up life is!

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