Monday, January 23, 2012

Toddler craftiness

Cold, snowy winter afternoons can be long. Especially when you are two. (And when you're a Momma with a 2 year old stuck at home). If I let her Ree would spend all day with Curious George on tv. Not watching him exclusively, she'll play while he's on but after a while Momma can't take it. So we've been watching one episode of George after nap then shutting the tv off and putting music on and doing some crafts.

I've been working on fabric yo-yo's for Valentine's decorations. And while I do that Ree plays with the fabric sorting the colors of the circles before they become the yo-yos.

On Saturday we made the stained glass snowman. The idea for him came from Twelve Months of Fun.

We've also been doing some activities from Oopsey Daisy. Alison puts together Mommy School. A HUGE packet of activities that have a corresponding number and letter. Right now we're working through W is for Winter. This afternoon I cut out the W from the packet, glued it onto blue cardstock, gave Ree a glue stick and she went to town gluing & sticking "snow" (aka cotton balls) onto the W.

I also got out my collection of buttons and she's been having a blast sorting them into old baby food containers. She did that for about 2 hours the other afternoon! Thank goodness for the internet and these awesome women who share their great ideas for others to use!


  1. Oh, we LOVE our buttons here. All my kids have loved buttons--sorting, counting, just running them through fingers. I found a pack of alphabet buttons at--I think--AC Moore, and those are obviously great to play with too.

  2. hi jen! i'm replying to the question you asked on our blog about making jam. i think making jam is really really simple. i make jam using jam-making sugar (if you have 1kg of berries, you'll need 1 kg of jam-making sugar). the first time i made jam, i followed instructions on a german website. i just googled "how to make jam" and found this excellent full picture tutorial:
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  3. I found the months of January and February hard with my baby girl (who's now 16 - yikes!). We did alot of crafts and tried hard to shut the TV off when possible. Only 55 days till Spring though!

  4. I love how your snowman turned out! I love all your ideas!


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