Friday, May 23, 2014

A week of Mornings

IMG_0531 Coffee, sunlight, journal, prayers & my first time reading Flannery O'Connor #hellomorningcoffee #wherethelightis #seekthelight IMG_0589 IMG_0591

I often take a picture each morning of what I am doing while I drink my morning coffee. Amanda from The Habit of Being began a hashtag on Instagram a few months back #hellomorningcoffee that I enjoy participating in. I love seeing what everyone else is doing while they have their morning beverage. Usually I am reading or writing. Or looking out the window.

Sometimes I take pictures that don't feature my coffee. This morning when I sat down I realized I took a morning picture each day this week. 

I think for next Friday I will focus on "A week of Afternoons". I've got to get more practice in with the new camera!


  1. What great pictures. Your mornings look so peaceful (yes - even with baby V crawling around). It's great to start with some reading and meditation. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  2. I have reading and writing with my coffee every single day (and the praying). Loved seeing your mornings!!

  3. Lovely mornings. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to spend some time in the garden :)


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