Saturday, May 17, 2014


I love the colors of the earth when the sun comes out after a long soaking rain Raindrops
Untitled IMG_0319

I was awakened early this morning to pouring rain
there is nothing better then laying in bed listening to it hit the house
knowing I am safe and dry

After awhile of listening and not falling back asleep
the thought of coffee called me to the kitchen
coffee mug in hand I stood at the window and watched as the blue skies
chased the storm clouds away

The light that came from the sun seemed a bit unnatural
it was extra bright against the green of the grass, of the leaves
I ran outside (in my pajamas!)
to put the new camera to work

Back inside with the coffee
I sat to read a bit
then write some
the words are slowly starting to flow again, finally

The girls woke & it was the usual morning routine
breakfast, play time
with the added element of baths for all
cooking for tomorrow's graduation party

This afternoon was a few errands
then home to enjoy a little treat on the back deck as daddy cut the lawn
Ree noticed our reflections in the sliding door
so fun was had with taking our pictures

The day ended with Church
chicken sandwiches for dinner
packing up for a long day out tomorrow
very early bedtimes for two sleepy girls

Tomorrow will be early rising for all
out the door early
a college graduation
a party

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  1. your photo of grass is amazing! and you should frame it :) Love your weekend and especially the morning parts. Congrats on your sister graduating and have fun with your family!!!


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