Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Full of Blessings

IMG_0622 IMG_0639 IMG_0655 

*for little girls who love playing in the dirt as much as playing dress up
*for a husband who encourages my dreams, creativity & enthusiasm
*for a baby who is happy despite teething
*for stacks of library books & kid tv when momma has a migraine
*for that migraine breaking just as I reach my breaking point
*for an on-line community of like minded women
*for my in person sister 

Just a small list of my many blessings. It is gray and rainy here. A good day to build a blanket tent, read books & take naps. Thank goodness the migraine I was complaining about this morning finally broke and now I "just" have a regular headache. I can function with that!

Stop by tomorrow to join in with the Make & Listen Along. I have a project I am very pleased with to share!


  1. Such beautiful flowers! I am so happy your migraine is subsiding. I can't even imagine coping with one while taking care of little ones.

  2. so very sorry about the migraine (I've never had one but oh my they sound simply dreadful). May you feel better soon soon soon!

  3. Glad you are feeling better, and how wonderful that you can see your blessings even with a migraine :)

  4. so glad the migraine went away. they are never, never fun.


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