Monday, September 15, 2014


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This weekend was anniversary weekend!

There was a spontaneous trip to Cape Cod (I'd never been!). My husband planned the trip around some yarn stores!
So there was some buying of yarn (more on that Wednesday)
walking around
sunset watching
late night driving with two sleeping girls
then the last half hour with a screaming baby
there was a date night dinner while the girls spent time at my parents
dodging the raindrops as we walked around a local fishing village
Sunday morning tradition of Mass, coffee & relaxation
Sunday afternoon of grocery shopping, watching a little football and visiting family
trying to capture the absolutely stunning Sunday night sunset, unsuccessfully

All in all it was a fantastic weekend! How was yours?

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  1. Happy anniversary Jen, it sounds like you celebrated in a grand way.
    I like the photo of your sunset, it's awesome. We are having rain so no
    sunsets here.

  2. i love the Cape!!! I visit a college roommate there every summer----and while she's not a knitter, she always seems to find a yarn shop for me. The funniest one I usually duck into is connected to a hardware store (literally) about something for everyone!!!!! Hope you found treasures. I know you had a great getaway!

  3. What a wonderful weekend! Happy Anniversary, friend!

  4. Happy Anniversary to both of you! It sounds like you had a great weekend. The Cape is so nice - so many different places to explore. The sky really had some amazing colors last night didn't it?

  5. Happy anniversary and I cannot wait to see what you snagged up as souvenirs!!


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