Monday, September 29, 2014


From last night. First weekend of Autumn sunset From last night. Our happy place. Most likely one of the last times we'll see the sunset here until next spring.  Joining @crnnoel for #mybeachfriday IMG_2375

This weekend was what we all needed

It started with a sunset trip to our happy place. The colors didn't disappoint. We all were at peace and serene. Something that hasn't happened a whole bunch lately.

Those feelings carried through the next two days.

We did things without any rush, without any stress. We stuck close to home for the most part. 

There was a whole lot of intention, a whole lot of going slow. And lo and behold, a whole bunch of things got accomplished. With no anxiety or the feeling of discontent.

Here's hoping it lasts as the week begins!


I took a wee bit of a blogging/social media/internet break last week. After the finish of Poetry in Everyday Beauty I found I needed it. It felt refreshing! I look forward to catching up with everyone this week!


  1. What beautiful shots! It was such a great weekend. I'm glad you got to have some down time :-)

  2. Beautiful photos. It is amazing what happens when we slow down and move through life with intention. Have a lovely start to your week.

  3. So gorgeous. What a lovely spot!! And yes, sometimes a break is completely necessary :)

  4. your course was delightful and you deserved the break :) Lovely photos and it echoes your great weekend :)


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