Friday, September 5, 2014

This week

IMG_2189 IMG_2191 IMG_2203

This week got away from me!! Monday was a big cookout here with our family. Where Ree & her cousin ran smack into each other HARD head on head contact. (Oh that sound of heads hitting heads!) Cousin S had a massive goose egg on the side of her head. My little one has her very first official "shiner".  Thankfully she can open it now, and it looks like she went very heavy on the eye makeup!

Tuesday we began "school". She asked each morning to "do school work". Just about 15 minutes of workbook work and then we go about our normal day of learning through art, reading and play. We are easing into things. I have some other ideas to implement but I came down with a nasty bug and my energy has been zip. I went to the doctor yesterday and got medicine so I'm hoping to be back to myself on Monday!

Speaking of Monday, that's the day we begin the Poetry in Every Day Beauty workshop. Welcome letters will be going out later today and registration (with the bring a friend offer) will be open until at least Monday evening!


  1. Oh no, that is not a good sound at all. Glad both kiddos are okay. She looks pretty proud of the shiner. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. glad she is okay, phew! This was my first week that I had slowed down and it was wonderful!! gearing up for your course :)


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