Sunday, August 31, 2014


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We began our weekend Friday night with pizza night

Yesterday momma & daddy's allergies decided to start acting up. And a certain baby decided to teeth miserably. Poor Ree tried really hard to keep everyone from getting too cranky

We woke up congested again today. Not feeling sick, just stuffy and sleepy

There was Mass, coffee, trying to ignore the humidity, lots & lots of knitting by Momma, lots & lots of coloring by Ree. Still to come today is visiting family

It's a three day weekend so we have more tomorrow! A cookout with family here. I am planning on making chowder and clam first time! We'll see how it goes!

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  1. Long weekend here too. Enjoy!

  2. Great pics of both girls! I'm glad we have an extra day. We need it!

  3. My kiddos are gone and it's dull and quiet! I'm just loving it right now :) Sorry you aren't feeling well, the allergies are awful aren't they? Have you tried an aerosol can of saline spray? I use it once or twice a day and the fine mist seems to clean out any pollen. I do have a prescription spray as well though....Anyways just a thought!

  4. I love seeing your babies Jen, they are so beautiful and really growing.
    Happy September.


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