Monday, August 11, 2014

Around the Garden

IMG_1830 IMG_1837 IMG_1850 IMG_1855 IMG_1877 IMG_1878 IMG_1879

The garden is coming along nicely!! This week we harvested some lettuce and radishes. We like the lettuce. I don't care for radishes, very bitter! But they are my mom's favorite. So she will be getting a good amount! I could pick some of the spinach too. I need to get a few cucumbers and tomatoes and I have a nice salad all ready!

A few of the gladiolas that we planted a few years ago are blooming. And the other day Ree and I spotted the praying mantis hanging out over there. 

How is your garden coming along?


  1. Your garden looks great! Did you like the raised beds? Ours seem to have worked well this year. I have to post pictures of ours this week. The amount (and size) of the zucchini is out of control. I really should say the garden is my hubbys - I simply admire it. He takes care of it.

  2. your garden is looking fantastic! we just started picking peppers. Our cucumbers are not well....don't know why! and the tomatoes have started!

  3. So beautiful! Those radishes are stunning :)


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