Friday, August 8, 2014


Rhythm. The seasons have begun their slow, subtle shift. #writealm

The rhythm of the seasons is going full steam ahead here. I am noticing a subtle shift in the mornings this week. The air is just a little crisper. The sunlight is shifting as it moves across the living room. When I went out to check on the garden this morning I found this leave in my path reminding me that very soon fall will be knocking on the door.

Today I will be working on a little pre-school rhythm for the fall. Ree is pre-school age and she is very insistent that she "do school" so she can read and do math. So I ordered a few things and today will be putting together a rhythm for our days. On paper at least. And really nothing will change to how we go about our days. Except that we will do a few things at the table that we will call school and she will (hopefully) be happy!

I am ready for the rhythms of our days to change. I like summer and the slower days but I am looking forward to our fall and winter rhythm too. And by the time spring rolls around I will be ready for a summer rhythm. I am so glad nature provides these changes for our bodies and minds.

This past week we were camping and it seems like after this annual trip I am always ready for the shift to begin. Although I will also be squeezing out every last drop of our summer too. I am not quite ready to leave behind the fish n chips, the beach evenings or the sound of the peepers at night!


  1. I love the shifting seasons, and the return to our seasonal rhythms as the seasons come and go. The mornings have been a little crisp here too, this week. I am not ready for fall yet, so I hope there is some more summer to enjoy for quite some time.

    Enjoy your weekend, and good luck with that planning.

  2. I am loving every last minute of the summer, but a part of me is looking forward to the Fall. It's my favorite time of year. I can't believe Ree is ready for pre-school! What a fun year you guys will have.

  3. I am so ready for a shift too Jen, but I won't see it for a few montths, although we will be starting school next month which will add some structure to my days.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Um, my comment disappeared... We have leaves falling and I'm more than ready for fall to arrive! Ree is going to love the lessons you plan :)


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