Thursday, July 31, 2014

Make & Listen Along

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This weeks Make & Listen Along comes to you from the kitchen!

We have had smoothies; fruit on sticks (always taste better that way!) humus on bread (and carrot sticks); blueberries in smoothies and muffins; and lots of iced tea. It's been a slow, quietly productive week around here. There has been no rushing, lots of focused time doing art and knitting and reading and a little baking. 

Listening has been to the sounds of the birds and cicadas. They haven't been very numerous here but when I notice them they make me happy. To me they are the quintessential sound of mid summer. The other day we heard them while making blueberry muffins. That seemed appropriate as my husband has always called them "blueberry bugs!"

What are you making and listening to these days?


  1. The muffins look delicious. I haven't heard any cicadas yet. I always get a little bummed when I do hear them because I know summer is on it's way out....

  2. I love your tea set, reminds me of my mother in law who has the prettiest plates I've ever seen.

  3. Afternoon tea looks lovely at your home. The cicadas have not started singing for us yet, but I have my ears open, listening for them.


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