Monday, July 7, 2014


Pondering things today. Trying to decide whether to begin a new blog to share the monthly prompts. They don't fit my usual blogging subjects. Will writing two blogs work? While discerning which path to take in a few different things, I think a few days of IMG_1337 IMG_1367 IMG_1375

The weekend had heat, humidity, sun, rain (lots & lots) more sun, & beautiful temperatures.

It was a four day weekend here since my husband took Thursday off too. We went to the mall that day because of the heat & humidity.

The 4th dawned overcast and then turned into a deluge of rain thanks to Hurricane Arthur. Our plans for a cookout at my sister's turned into a cook-in. We all still had fun. Really, whenever we get together it's fun. We don't need sun!

Saturday was spent outside for the most part. Ree & daddy (finally) got our vegetable garden planted. And she was able to plant all her morning glory seedlings. She was also give a pepper plant to put in her own garden. She was over the moon! She has told everyone she comes into contact with that it is her pepper plant and she will get one red pepper and everyone can have a bite!

Yesterday we went to a local park to see the animals, walk around and play on the playground. Did you know peacocks are loud? Extremely loud? We were standing feet away from him when he decided to squawk. Baby wasn't too happy!

It was a fun filled holiday weekend and I am sad to see it end. Re-entry is hard sometimes! 

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  1. That rain Thursday was crazy! But the rest of the weekend was beautiful so I was OK with it. What a pretty peacock. Their feathers are amazing. I like your edible American Flag :-)

  2. We love peacocks, and yes, they are loud, poor baby. Love the flag created with the berries, I am sure it tasted delicious too. Have a lovely week.

  3. love your flag of food! Quite clever! how nice that you had a four day weekend with your husband. I love when mine is around :) Sounds like a fun weekend!


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