Monday, July 14, 2014


For the first time in 2 weeks I did yoga. Missing all that time made a difference. And shows me that when I do it regularly, my body does respond in a healthy way! Back on the wagon as of today! Then of course I needed to run through the sprinkler with a IMG_1445 IMG_1431

Our weekend began Friday when daddy got home from work early (he had to work Saturday morning but I'm not counting that)

Friday there was yoga in the backyard, fun in the sprinkler and water table, a trip to get more bird seed and dinner out

Saturday morning was slow. Look at that! I picked up my knitting again! Then there was the beginnings of organizing all the baby clothes that don't fit the baby anymore. Organizing of the craft supplies to start making it more the baby's room rather then her stuffed in the craft room.

While at the grocery store Saturday afternoon I decided it would be fun to have an impromptu cookout that evening. So bought the supplies then texted my people last minute. Thankfully my parents, sister & her family are always up for a get together especially if there is food!

Sunday was slow. Another trip to the grocery store for the things I forgot the day before. A little more work on the organizing. Some knitting. Some World Cup watching. Another cookout, this time at my sister-in-laws. 

How was your weekend? I'm linking up with Karen!


  1. I always forget stuff at the grocery store AND I have a list....I swear it's a disease. I love the idea of a quick family get together, you are so lucky to have family close by. I would love that. Yay for knitting a bit!!!

  2. Impromptu cookouts are the best, and two in one weekend, wonderful! Great to see those needles working again :)

  3. Even after all these many years I still remember playing in the sprinkler as a child and how much fun it was to run through the water.
    I'm so glad you picked up your knitting again, it certainly brings joy to my day.

  4. Yay - you got to knit a little bit! I dislike having to clear out the old baby clothes that no longer fit - it just meant the baby was growing up! And I was really bad at keeping it all organized by size too!

  5. Saturday afternoon we took the kids to the nearest outdoor track. They signed up for a kids' bolderdash through the karate dojo so the goal was to walk/run a mile. My 5yo just took off running laps. She reminds me of me at her age. My grandmother would take me to the high school track near her house and I'd just run for fun. :)

    Sunday afternoon we took them to the bike path. It was my job to stay with G--she's slower than the boys, working on getting comfortable starting and stopping. (The middle part is easy.) I used one of our razor scooters to keep up with her but also be right there if she needed me, and boy she got going fast! All sorts of muscles hurt that night from scootering that fast!! So it was a sporty weekend for us. :)


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