Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yarn Along


After not having knit for a few months, I am jumping in with both feet! Even ordering some new yarn! 

This week I am working on a wash cloth. I joined Sweet Potato Claire's Summer craft swap and I think this wash cloth will fit in perfect with the few other goodies I have planned for my swap partner. 

After seeing the yarn that Erin posted for last week's Yarn Along I had to go see if our craft store carried it and they do! I love it! I am also using a pattern that Erin sent along. So today's yarn along post is brought to you by her! 

For reading, I am slowly working my way through The Little Oratory. I read a chapter (or less depending on how much I want to ponder over it) each morning during my quiet time. I am loving it and have been adding pieces of their ideas into our family faith life.

Next week I am hoping to have begun a pair of socks to show you all! I want to start them but need to finish the wash cloth first!


  1. I'm glad you've picked up your needles again Jen, I find such comfort in knitting and can not imagine it not part of my day.
    I saw that yarn on Erin's space too and need to order some for here. Your swap gifts are going to be well loved.

  2. I'm happy you are knitting again and I did love that yarn! It's perfect for summer knitting :)

  3. Yay! There is knitting happening again :-) I have heard great things about Little Oratory. I have it on the ever-growing reading list.

  4. Yay for picking up the needles again, that is great!

  5. I am not Catholic but I have been reading United States Catholic Catechism for Adults. Much beauty in these pages. I have The Little Oratory on my wishlist.

    Have a beautiful day!



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