Thursday, July 10, 2014

Make & Listen Along

IMG_1351 IMG_1409 IMG_1410 IMG_1354 IMG_1357

This is the "around the yard" Make & Listen along addition!

Last weekend Ree & my husband got in our pepper & eggplant seedlings as well as the seeds for carrots, spinach, radishes, beets & lettuce. In just a few days the spinach, radishes, beets & lettuce have popped up! We are woefully behind in our planting but I have high hopes.

We've been listening to the sounds of the birds, squeals of little girls as they run (or are carried) through the sprinkler. Baby loves it just as much as big sister and her screeches of delight are just as loud!

What have you been making and listening to this week?


  1. love your raised beds! :)

    this week i’ve been making a drawing class and listening to creativity podcasts! :)

  2. Love the beds, and all those seedlings...such beauty.

  3. baby sprouts of plants and people both being watered :) Love the thought of that!

  4. The garden is looking great! We have some stuff that we started picking already (beans and zucchini) and some that was planted later like the cucs. It's never too late to plant!

  5. it's all looking great! Happy gardening!


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