Sunday, July 20, 2014


Morning prayers, coffee and thunderstorms. If this headache would go away this would be a perfect morning! #hellomorningcoffee

Oh this weekend has been full of cranky. Momma's mostly. For no good reason either, just a mood that I can't shake. And a headache. Which could explain part of the mood!

There has been some sewing
some knitting
some reading
a whole bunch of lounging around

There has also been some weeding
some time at the beach
some time spent on the back deck

So it hasn't been ALL bad. 
Ree & her daddy are off running a few errands 
baby is sleeping (finally)
maybe I'll go knit a little
or work some more on the big girl quilt

I hope everyone else has been having a good weekend!

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  1. I was in a funk yesterday as well... until I took a good long nap :) But I hate when there's no good reason for a funk and it just shows up, unwanted.
    {also, I'm going to spend time tonight/tomorrow looking at locations for us, I haven't forgotten!}

  2. Sorry about the mood, but when we are miserable we appreciate the happy days, right? Love the photo that you chose, soothing and calming! Hope the week is the bestest yet :)

  3. Sorry about the mood, Jen. I'm with Karen, I hope the week gets better as it goes along!

  4. Here's hoping your week is filled with good things that kick that mood right out the door :)

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon and Monday is treating you well!

  6. I hate when I get into those moods. But it happens. I hope you got the rest (well, as much as you can get with two little ones) and restoration over the weekend so you are ready to face the week. Hugs Jen!


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