Wednesday, July 2, 2014


A breeze through the window; bird singing; sleeping girls; empty page; coffee within reach. Not a bad start to the day. #hellomorningcoffee #writealm

We are in the midst of a humid, typical early July week

No one here particularly cares for the humidity. There's been lots of water play; lots of naps & rests; lots of reading. This weather seems to sap all my creative energy (all energy actually) so Momma has been particularly cranky. Which makes little one's who also don't care for the heat extra cranky too.

I am trying to pick up my pen at least once a day. That helps. Even just writing down a sentence or two about what we did that day. I came across the #100homeedays on twitter a few weeks ago. So I began that. And have actually written for 16 days in a row now! I knew we did lots of learning things but it wasn't until I started writing down at least one thing a day that I saw exactly how much learning we do. 

We are discerning homeschooling. Although we have decided to "do school" for preschool so I guess we are officially homeschooling. I can't say we will continue it for sure each successive year, but I guess that's something we need to take one year at a time!

I am in the final chapters of The Interestings and finding it extremely good. I can't put it down! A good book to have begun as this weather arrived. There have been quite a few quiet, lazy afternoons of lounging in the chair by the open window reading while the girls are napping (or resting in the case of Ree. She has spent hours building things with legos)

Anyways, not much to say, just wanted to pop in to give a little mid-week round up of what's been going on! How has your week been so far?


  1. We are feeling the humidity too, and it isn't fun! They say a cold front is coming through this evening, I sure hope it does. Stay cool!

  2. good to know the book is good! I'm cranky in this weather and I stay indoors. I'm hoping soon that it will change. Glad you are on a writing streak! Go you!!

  3. The humidity here is unbearable and winter can't arrive quick enough.
    I can't wait to read The Interestings so I'm glad it's extremely good.

  4. Happy journaling! I keep teetering around my writing practice... picking it up sometimes, putting back down... I'm happy you are finding peace in your pen and paper, friend!


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