Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Happy List

IMG_1431 IMG_1455 IMG_1462 IMG_1472 Morning prayers, coffee and thunderstorms. If this headache would go away this would be a perfect morning! #hellomorningcoffee

The past few days have been dark, gloomy & humid. Not good for my head. I need a happy list this morning!

~picking up my knitting again after a few months hiatus
~iced coffee on a hot afternoon
~drawing alongside my big girl
~"Mommy I love you" notes found in all kinds of places
~morning prayer & coffee while a thunderstorm passes by
~the smell of a soaking rain
~the smell of baking banana bread
~eating that banana bread
~the bright flowers in bloom everywhere
~a big stack of books after a library trip
~an afternoon reading 

what is making you happy these days?


  1. having great blog friends like you!!!

  2. Today it is dark, gloomy and humid here making me want to stay in and just read.
    I love your happy list. Figs are making me happy at the moment and I wish you could taste one, I am a little concerned that you never have ;) I love them, but only two of my children do.

  3. Your happy list, my pup, salads and watermelon-I bought a good one today!

  4. That's a happy list indeed! Today friends and good food over book discussions is making me a happy happy lady.

  5. Lovely list. Making me happy...time at the raspberry patch with my little man, making raspberry jam, rain, conversations with good friends, and tea, always tea :)


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