Tuesday, July 8, 2014


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This weekend I tried out a little experiment. I went totally social media free. It had been building for awhile. I was beginning to see myself compare me, my life, what I was (or wasn't) doing, with everyone else. They were doing better work, better things, better everything. Not that I was at all unhappy with the life I had! But the "I should be doing things better like 'they' are doing" was getting louder.

So I stepped away. Five days later I am still (mostly) away. It is very freeing. I have found that I am much more physically and emotionally present in MY life. We are doing good things. And with the free time I have unearthed now that my eyes aren't glued to twitter or Facebook every time I sit in the chair, I have accomplished much.

This weekend I read two books & started knitting the mate to the sock I began in March. I've journaled and written much more then I had been. I've been much more present to my girls the FIRST time they seek my attention instead of saying "just wait until I finish scrolling through this newsfeed."

Now maybe some of those creative projects I have been thinking about doing will begin to take off. Start becoming real rather then ideas that I am "too busy" to do. Too busy reading up on all the creative projects other people are working on!

I do believe in the connection that social media helps foster. I have made friends through it. And stay in contact with distant friends through it. It had just gotten a little out of balance for me, so I am working on fixing that.

I have great ambitions with my writing. Which in a way is what began this social media "fast". The Write ALM prompt on Friday was ponder. I have wanted to share some of the writings I have been doing with these prompts but felt like they didn't fit here. I have been pondering beginning a second blog, dedicated to the writings on the prompts. But I know myself. One or the other would be neglected. 

So I may be changing things up a bit here. Going with the flow of change. I would like a more steady stream of posts here and have been holding myself back from prompt posting because I felt it didn't fit here. But really, the whole point of beginning this little blog was "Capturing the everyday things that make up this life journey we're on. A picture or two; some words here or there. A place to share and look back upon to remember what's made us happy." 

And right now writing along with the prompts is making me happy. Along with the pictures of my views & my girls. So really, anything that makes me happy fits!

Weaving words with the Write ALM prompts


  1. I love social media breaks and take them regularly, mostly on weekends. They are always a reminder to me to keep my use of social media in check. Glad you have found it "freeing" :)

    And I say go for it, this is your space, and I for one would love to see what you are writing along with the prompts.

  2. Oh I so agree with stepping back. When I get to caught up in checking in, I try to step back and away. I hate wasting time and comparing myself. However I do love the friendships (such as yours) and would miss not seeing everyone's blogs. So it is finding the balance and the happiness.

    I love your blog and others and how they grow expand shift and change as we change. What I wrote about at the beginning of my blog looks nothing like what I write about now. Good luck defining or redefining :)

  3. Once again, we are on the same page, my friend! Looking forward to changes as they come here. And I'm going email you shortly about our date... xoxo

  4. i'm a big believer in your blog, do what you want! it would be different if maybe you had started a niche blog (say food or even knitting) but you didn't -- it's about your life and your family and i think writing will fit right in!

  5. I have a love-hate relationship with the computer. It opens up a lot of possibilities but sometimes I just can't stand the sight of it!! I'm a big fan of breaks too. In the past I've found August to be a great month to take a blogging break. I may be headed in that direction this year too. ;)


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