Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This week

Thanks to @pumpkinsunrise's inspiration I joined in (very) last minute to the #summersoulcamp and am very happy I did! This is very much needed as a summer pick me up. I need the reminder to slow down and savor the beauty in the small moments around me!

Outside my window sunny with a warm breeze. They say the humidity is coming back

I am thankful for the sun. Those days last week with gray skies wore me down. I like a nice gray, rainy day. But not for almost a week!

In the kitchen my kitchen has been neglected of late. It is too hot to turn the oven on. So I have been grilling or having cold food. I need to sit and spend some time coming up with new summer meal ideas!

I am wearing shorts & a pink tee shirt. I used to love to wear skirts in the summer. All my skirts got too small after my first baby. I want to look up some easy skirt patterns and make a few!

I am creating a big girl quilt. The front is almost done. This makes my big girl very happy! I also have plans for some Christmas sock knitting and some goodies for my craft blogger swap. I need to get moving on some of these things!

I am reading The Little Oratory in the morning during my quiet time. I have 3 books waiting for me at the library. A library trip today sounds good!

I am hoping To have the front of the quilt finished in the next day or two and have it all put together by the weekend. I weekend spent quilting would be nice!

Around the house I am slowly organizing all our craft/sewing/art supplies. With a baby that is oh so close to crawling I am in baby proofing mode. I am also trying to make the baby room the baby room rather then my craft supply room. This means trying to figure out where to put a rooms worth of stuff!

One of my favorite things when my baby snuggles up to me when we rock. She doesn't do it often but the snuggles as she drifts off to sleep make my heart sing

A few plans for the rest of the week some summer adventures planned; sewing; relaxing; library trip; farmers market


  1. I hear you about the rain Jen, it's been raining on and off here for days and the humidity makes my hair grow by the minute.

    Snuggling a baby and rocking sounds wonderful, I miss those days.

  2. I wish it would rain and then that would possibly break the humidity here that has been slowly climbing all week. Supposedly tomorrow it's to rain, fingers crossed. I'm happy your in camp with me, and I remember when mine were little and we rocked to sleep....long time ago now.

  3. I loved your post. I'm hoping this humidity is gone by weeks end. Enjoy rocking with baby V. I am envious! Enjoy your week Jen :-)

  4. The humidity is here and it is hot! Rain coming tomorrow, so hopefully that will cool it off. Can't wait to see the quilt.


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