Sunday, July 27, 2014



So far the weekend has been a mix of relaxation & busyness. I feel like we lived a whole weekend on Saturday alone!

There was a slow early morning of finishing my book & beginning a new knitting project
then the rest of the morning was spent cleaning & organizing
I cleaned out & organized my fabric & yarn stashes
I pulled everything out of the downstairs closet & put things in their proper places
I organized our art supplies & put them in the closet
Daddy came home so he & Ree took the organizing outside
weeding a little bit
sprucing up the gardens with pinwheels
cutting up some wood they found

late in the afternoon we went blueberry picking
home for grilled hamburgers
Ree & I went out to buy one of her Auntie's a birthday present
home for baths and bed!

today has been slow so far
early morning coffee, reading & knitting
but soon there will be Church
and coffee out
running a few errands to pick up the rest of the birthday things
then celebrating the birthday of course!

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  1. It's such a good feeling when things are organized isn't it? I love your pinwheels, I am going to have to get some for my yard.
    Have fun with all the birthday celebrating.

  2. What a cheery photo, love those pinwheels. Lots of organizing going on in your home, it always feels so good to me to have things in their place. Enjoy the celebrations!

  3. Finishing a book and starting some knitting-perfection!! Every time you mention a family member I'm wishing I lived closer to mine--so lucky!!

  4. I wanted to let you know Jen that I nominated you for a Creative Blog Hop. No worries if you're too busy, but I was thinking of you.

  5. All that organizing!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous.....yarn AND fabric AND art supplies!!!! I'd be lucky to get one straightened out. I keep thinking if I just knit up all the yarn that will take care of the yarn closet----this is not happening fast enough!

  6. Can you come to my house and organize? I sorely need some organization these days. I love your pinwheels! They look so summer-like.


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