Friday, July 25, 2014

Post cards from camp

 Thanks to @pumpkinsunrise's inspiration I joined in (very) last minute to the #summersoulcamp and am very happy I did! This is very much needed as a summer pick me up. I need the reminder to slow down and savor the beauty in the small moments around me! My "camp." Our breezeway is a beautiful space that is usually the dumping ground for stuff. My goal has been to actually use it to sit in. I cleaned up a bit and now have a spot. I envision a fabric banner hanging with the flowers and maybe some twinkle l IMG_1573 {postcards from camp Day 4}enjoying the morning sun when it is still relatively cool! #summersoulcamp A tea party & some post card art for the #Arttogether post card swap all in our #summersoulcamp space!

Heather's Summer Soul Camp began on Monday and after checking out the hashtag on Instagram I decided to sign up. It is very refreshing! A great pick me up to these hot, humid days of summer. I set up a spot in our breezeway for all the camp activities and we really haven't left it since!

We have been having tea parties, doing art, reading, journaling, writing....anything you can think of really in this spot right in the middle of a cross breeze. Just the thing to help beat the heat!


  1. It looks like you have a real summer camp set up! I love it! I was going to sign up for it but summer is so busy - I knew I wouldn't be able to really get into it right now. I am enjoying checking out what all the campers are doing though. Enjoy :-)

  2. Isn't camp great? Looks like you guys are really enjoying it. Happy weekend.

  3. I love that you are doing your camp outdoors, mine is inside since it's a tad hot. Love see Ree with the paints, I think she'll be an artist since she's already one now :)


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